ELHID Dogs Loved By Others

Thank you everyone for sending us your pictures and doggie updates!!!


  "Jackson" a "Pie" son.  This boy and his owner have truly made ELHID proud.  This picture was featured in a Greenville, SC paper for Boating Safety Week.  Since then, Jackson has been one busy labrador!  He is a Certified Therapy Dog and visits nursing homes and hospitals weekly.  He and his owner are also competitive in AKC obedience, Rally and Agility trials and Jackson has several AKC titles.  Jackson's most recent endevor is as "Jackson The Literary Lab".  This program ("Paws To Read") was started to help promote children reading.  Jackson visits the Library several times a week and children spend time reading to him.  If you are driving through SC, you may see a bill board with Jackson promoting this new program.  I recently told Jackson's owner that he needs his own website!!! 



This is Mac, a "Player" son, enjoying the beach with his family and then later that day, on the ride home.    Looks like he had a little too much Fun and Sun!


  "Lab Nap"  This is actually my sister, Ginny with her favorite labs, Abbey and Racket.  Abbey is actually out of one of our very first litters and is 14 years old!  You better like dogs if you intend to visit us!


  Can I help you?  This is Clancy.

  He works at a video store with his owner.  Note the little tie he wears to work!


This is Maddie a "Sidda" daughter showing off a new trick.  

How could anyone resist that face!!!  Her owners tell us she is such an obedient girl and a joy to live with.


                      "Mirror, Mirror"    Yes, Benson you are the fairest of them all!  Benson is a "Player" son and is truly a handsome boy, even if he says so himself!


                                  I can Fly!  This is Max and his owner tell us he is a kind gentle soul that wins over every human he meets.


  "The Kiss"   When Murry's owners became pregnant, we were a little worried about how Murry would adjust.  We are happy to say that Murry is taking his duties as big brother in stride!!!


  "Life Is Good"  This is Casey, out of our boy "Player" and bred by Pete and Elizabeth Mayo at Wildwood Labradors.  When Casey's owner sent us this picture, it just made my husband and I laugh.  Casey is young, but he and his owner have big plans, that include alot of training and hopes of becoming a Therapy Dog.  Casey's shirt says "Life Is Good" and I would say, based on this picture, Casey's life is pretty darn good and he intends to enjoy it to the fullest!


This is Pepper.  Her owner is retired and enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities and says Pepper is eager to participate.  The pair has developed a very strong bond and I really think she would follow him anywhere.



Twinkle is a "Sidda" daughter and lives a very intresting life.  Her owner is a professional gospel singer and Twinkle spends alot of time traveling across the country on the tour bus.


  This is Corey a very lucky ELHID Labrador. 

She spends her Winters at her water front home in Florida and Summers in Michigan.  I told her owners, "I wanted to be adopted too"!  Corey is a "Sidda" daughter and is Joe, Bossy, Player, Darby and Pie's sister.


ELHID's Bathing Beauty...


This is Ella a "Player" daughter enjoying HER pool.  We are told that she is happy to share her pool with her people!!!


  A Blast from the Past!  This is Jessie, after completing the Walk For MS in Charlotte, NC, which she and her owners do every year.  Jessie is out of our girl Casey who passed away several years ago, so it was wonderful to get this picture and up date on one of her children.  Jessie is 8 yrs old in this picture.


  "Hudson" says, "I think I am going to like it here".  Shown his first week in his new home in SC.



This is Solomon another beach loving ELHID Labrador.  Then, all decked out for Christmas with one of his favorite people.



This is Daisy.  Her family includes a special needs child whom Daisy has strongly bonded with.  She is shown here with all her favorite boys.  Thanks for the updated picture!



Luna                                                              Boone and Luna

Luna and Boone are brother and sister, who are owned by a brother and sister!  When Boone's owner reserved him as a puppy, she called her brother and said, "there is one girl available"!   Though one lives in Ohio, and the other in NY, Boone and Luna have frequent family reunions.


ELHID Lab Owners, we would love to see your pictures and hear your stories and if you want, we can include them on our website.  We recently had to get a new computer and lost many of the pictures we had on file.  My brother, the computer engineer, is trying to retrieve some of the pictures we had from the old hard drive, but please feel free to send us some new pictures.  Email us at  

Thank all of you for opening your hearts and homes to one of our dogs!


Coleen and Bruce