Some "Joe" Puppies.....

Congrads to all his kids that are excelling in the show ring!  Joe is also proud of his son (by way of NEED NAME), who is in the Guiding Eyes breeding program and the many working dogs and beloved family pets.

  Joe is so proud of his children! 


Joe Daughter:  ELHID's Boo-Yah!    Specialty WB and multiple specialty class winner.


  4 month old Joe puppy



    "Scuba" 8 weeks


  Joe Daughter 4-5 months


Three 6 wk old female littermates at Cougar Creek (Mom is Wookie)....... 





Male 7 weeks (above) That's cream cheese on his face! 


female 7 weeks (above)


Littermates below, Male on left, Female on right......



Litter sisters 7 weeks below




Litter sisters below at 5 months........



     female 10 wks


Litter sisters 10 weeks


Following are littermates at 6 months:


Females Below....... 



 "Tater" (16 wks) and sister "Bismarck (13 wks) 



Bismarck at 13 wks and 6 months (above)                         


These Joe puppies are out of a litter of 10: